209.6 this morning! I’m finally in the single digits of the 200 “century”, and I’m past ready to leave it in the dust. I’ve been kicking around in the teens for months. Less than 10 lbs to Onederland!!

I suspect this loss is the beginning of a trend. I’m exercising more, with more variety, and my body tends to respond well to that. Sleevie also seems to have caught her second wind. I feel more restriction than I did before the holidays and am actually working to get in enough food again. Nothing really sounds good, and everything seems like more effort than it’s worth. But I need the energy and the nutrients, so I set alarms on my phone during the workday. And, it can’t go without saying that I’ve done a lot of work to overcome the emotional eating that got me to 330 lbs in the first place. Food just doesn’t have the same allure it once did. Believe me, I’m as surprised as anyone.

Having a great time with X-train. Just finished the first week and am looking forward to the 1st progress check at the end of the month!


Poetic Lie-cense


I’ve claimed to be 180 lbs on four driver’s licenses. (I moved a lot.) It was a lie all four times.

Now, the earliest times might be forgiven, since it wasn’t as egregious an untruth back then. Many of us do it–list our “I’m gonna stick to my New Year’s Resolution this time” weight on an ID, to balm our ego. But do you know how big and brass your ovaries have gotta be to say that you’re up to 150 freaking pounds lighter than you really are?! With a straight face? I look at those photos now and wonder how the DMV tech just didn’t burst out laughing and say, “Girl, stop.”

That’s an adult human being’s weight worth of lying. I feel like I deserve some kind of medal for that. Go big or go home, right?

I plan to get a new license later this year, because the photo has already begun to draw commentary from random ID-checkers. When I flew back home after Thanksgiving, for example, the TSA agent went on about how much weight I’d lost. Feels good that people notice, but at the same time it’s a tad weird having strangers chime in like that. I’m proud of my progress and wouldn’t have this blog if I were overly invested in keeping the fact that I used to be nearly 350 lbs a secret. Still, I don’t want to be roped into the “yeah I used to be really fat” conversation every time someone cards me either.

This time, I’ll be able to write “180” in the weight column on that DMV form, and know that I’m not fudging even a little bit. But I’ve got a 33.2-lb gap to bridge first. Time to bring it with X-train!

The rotation schedule, progress photos, etc. will be here. I don’t expect to drop the entire 33.2 lbs over the 12-week schedule–I don’t even expect to lose half of it. I want to strip a good amount fat off my core, get stronger, be less of a cardio wimp, and add another pair to the jeans ladder. Of course, my primary goal is to finish.




It’s 20-6-Lean (January: Resolute)

2016 Progress Photos--updated JanuaryResolute collage 2014, 2015, 2016

Welcome 2016! As of this morning, I am 33.2 lbs from goal. Time to finish what I started!

My main 2016 goal is to get leaner–build muscle and strip fat. Now that I am able to be more active (losing 116.8 lbs can do that!), I really want to push myself to discover my best body. What can I achieve in a year? I aim to find out.

I’ll primarily do home workouts because I like the variety and convenience they provide. I’m kicking off the year with the 90-day undulating schedule of Cathe X-train (before pics soon). It’s long been a personal goal to complete an entire 3-month rotation and I think 2016 is the year I make it happen. Later, I’ll do Cathe’s ICE, STS, Ripped with HIIT, and Low-Impact Series. At some point, my girl Chalene will also make an appearance, most likely in a Chalean Extreme/Turbo Fire hybrid. And of course, Piyo will be in the mix too.

Starting the 4th, I am back to M-F morning workouts. I already exercise in the AM on weekends, but every time I’ve been most successful in my exercise goals, weekday morning workouts have been the foundation. I did mornings for several years of the 00s and it made such a difference in my energy and concentration levels. Back then I didn’t understand why I felt so bad so often, but I definitely knew that exercise made me feel better. In fact, I think that morning exercise was the reason I managed to continue working for as long as I did through the major flare I had in 2012-2013.

Truth is, I believe this is as good as it gets with Stew. I can’t wait until I’m not tired or sore or sick to take my fitness to the next level; that day won’t come. I don’t have control over much where my condition is concerned, but exercise is something I can do to help myself. And I think that my commitment to working out as much as I can is a big part of why my rheumatologist told me that I’m “winning” at my last checkup. So while I anticipate necessary periods of rest and readjustment, I also know how much I can accomplish even within those constraints. I am determined to give my  best effort this year.

The difference in the three Resolute photos up top is striking, isn’t it? And keep in mind that after the 2014 picture, I actually gained back up to 311.4 lbs by October 1st of that year. (I was 305 lbs on the day of surgery, October 21st.) I had to re-lose those 36.4 lbs plus another 16.6 lbs to make it to the 258.4 lbs I was in the 2015 photo.

I’ll continue to take monthly progress photographs in 2016. I also have new milestones to look forward to along the way, including my 2nd “hunny” goal of -100 lbs post-op  (I hit -100 lbs total a while ago) and the much-awaited entry into ONEderland (under 200 lbs).

Going to be a good year!


2015 Wrap-up

A big send-off to 2015! This was a great year–I made major strides towards my goal of reaching a healthy weight and becoming physically fit. I can do so much more than I could in January and I feel a million times better. Better still, my medical condition is much easier to manage without the extra complications brought on my obesity.

2015 Progress:
December 31, 2014: 264.2 lbs (-65.8 lbs)
December 31, 2015: 215.0 lbs (-115.0 lbs)
Total lost in 2015: 49.2 lbs

2015 Monthly--Full Year Front2015 Monthly Pics--Full Year Side2015 Monthly Pics--Full Year

2016 Goals:

  • Lose 35 lbs to reach my final goal of 180 lbs. (-150 lbs total)
  • Improve my cardio endurance (be able to run a mile)
  • Gain muscle (be able to do a pull-up)
  • Lose fat (deflate the spare tire)
  • Continue to improve my nutritional balance (be more intentional about meal planning and tracking)


Baby it’s cold outside (December: Sweater Weather)

It’s the last day of 2015! And, yes, it’s very cold outside. Good thing I have a sweater…

Sweater Weather front

Weighed in at 215 lbs this morning (down 115 lbs total and up 4 lbs since my last weigh-in). But I am not surprised. I knew that I’d see a gain, what with wheat-cheating several times over Christmas break and eating a ton of delicious but salty ham (so. much. ham.), plus flying twice in a week. I know my body, this is what it does. I’ve been pushing water and exercising, and the tide has already begun to turn. In fact, I fully expect to be a few lbs down when I take the 2016 Resolute photo tomorrow.

My plan is to take monthly photos for one more year–so that I can do a pic-to-pic comparison between 2015 and 2016. Bonus: I took one progress picture in 2014 and it was in the Resolute shirt, so I’ll have three progress photos for January.

I’d really hoped to be below 200 lbs by today, or at least to the 205 lbs/-100 lbs post-op milestone. But I haven’t made much scale progress in months. I’ve lost inches and clothing sizes, though, so it’s hard to be too broken up about it. I don’t want to stay at 215 lbs, however, so that means that I need to kick things up a notch in 2016 in order to reach my goal of 180 lbs with no spare tire. Hopefully X-train will put me well on the path to that!