Scaling back

I’ve decided to weigh less throughout the 90 days of X-train, because I really want to keep my main focus more on fat loss and strength gains rather than just weight loss. I’ll continue to log my weight on the 21st (post-op monthly summary) and the last day of the month (monthly loss summary). I will also hop on the scale for my monthly progress photo, if picture day is too far from an official weigh-in day.

Oh, and what the hell…here are my before pics:

X-train before collage


X Factor


Starting X-train Sunday! 90 days of pure asskickery coming up and I’m excited and scared in equal measure. Actually, “scared” may have the edge. OK, “scared” definitely has the edge. The inevitable muscle soreness alone… *silent scream*

Lots of equipment to pull together for this adventure. In addition to my mat, chair, dumbbells, and aerobic step, I have: boxing gloves, a resistance tube, carpet sliders, resistance bands, a stability ball, and dixie cups. I also threw in some weightlifting gloves because something tells me my hands may get a little sweaty.

Taking before photos tomorrow. In bra top and shorts. I am sucking it up because I need to really be able to see the changes in my body and know that a t-shirt won’t do that. Gulp. Not posting them until the end, though, when I’m celebrating my progress and on a high from finishing the whole program.

Let’s rock, Cathe.


July 2015 summary: -3.8 lbs

June 30th: 222.4 lbs
July 31st: 218.6 lbs
Monthly change: -3.8 lbs
Average weekly loss: 0.95 lb

-86.4 lbs post-op (305, 10/21/14)
-111.4 lbs from highest (330)
53.6 lbs to half-assed goal (165)
18.8 lbs to ONEderland

I see you, July! Back to almost 1lb a week and that’s extra great seeing that I only exercised three times this month. Still managing to avoid a stall. Good, good.

Knee is almost normal. Still complains a bit and can be a tad wobbly, but I was able to break out of my flat shoes prison this week. I’ve done some trial squats, lunges, and kicks too and everything seems to be in working order.

I begin Cathe X-train on Sunday. Have all my gear and I’m rarin’ to go. I watched some YouTube clips and the program looks hardcore but that’s the point because I am ready to be challenged! And I really want to prove to myself that I can do it. So even if I have to modify my face off, I’m giving this my all. (Now if I can just avoid falling off of trucks for the next 90 days, I’m golden.)


July: Thindependence Day

With travel, work, a 4th of July knee injury, and houseguests, I’ve been so busy that the month nearly got away from me without a pic!  I finally remembered to do it today and I’m glad I did. I can see progress from even a month ago. I’ve lost very little weight in that time, but I’m down an inch in my waist and my collarbones have started to emerge.That’s why I can’t let the scale be the only judge of progress.

Monthly collage--updated July Monthly progress side--updated July Montly progress back--updated July


9-month post-op weigh-in: 219.8 lbs (-85.2 lbs, post-op; -110.2 lbs total)

Surgery: 305.0 lbs (10/21/2014)

1 month:   280.6 lbs (-24.4 lbs post-op)
2 months: 266.2 lbs (-38.8 lbs post-op)
3 months: 254.0 lbs (-51.0 lbs post-op)
4 months: 243.0 lbs (-62.0 lbs post-op)
5 months: 234.4 lbs (-70.6 lbs post-op)
6 months: 228.0 lbs (-77.0 lbs post-op)
7 months: 224.6 lbs (-80.4 lbs post-op)
8 months: 220.4 lbs (-84.6 lbs post-op)
9 months: 219.8 lbs (-85.2 lbs post-op)

10/21-11/21: -24.4 lbs
11/21-12/21: -14.4 lbs
12/21-1/21: -12.2 lbs
1/21-2/21: -11.0 lbs
2/21-3/21: -8.6 lbs
3/21-4/19: -6.4 lbs
4/19-5/25: -3.4 lbs
5/25-6/21: -4.2 lbs
6/21-7/21: -0.6 lbs

Average monthly post-op loss: 9.47 lbs

Well, that was an underwhelming month. Not even a whole pound down from the 8-month mark. And my body doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to change its ways anytime soon. Damn. It really sucks to know I’ve reached this point, even though I’ve been expecting it.

Knee improves more each day. MRI showed a sprain and not a meniscus tear and talk about relieved and happy! I would’ve done a literal jig the day the results came in…if not for the whole knee situation. Doctor said I won’t even need PT unless it hadn’t made major progress by the end of next week. I’m not worried; it’s already so much better! And let’s not forget that joint pain is my SOP; so what’s a little kneeache between friends?

I’m ready and willing to fight for more inches, even if pounds continue forsake me for a while. Dying to get back to my workouts and think that I’m ready to ease back into a routine. Gonna try after work tomorrow.


July 13, 2015 weigh-in: 219.8 lbs (-110.2 lbs)

Weight; 219.8 lbs
Weekly change: n/a (no 7/6 weigh-in)
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305 lbs): -85.2 lbs
From highest (330 lbs): -110.2 lbs
To half-assed goal (165 lbs): 54.8 lbs

Broke the -110 lbs barrier and finally got out of the 220s! I’ve been hanging around in that decade since April and seeing a number in the 10s is nice.

I need to get more focused on nutrition. Something I’ve just noticed is that over the past few months I’ve allowed my carbs to creep up and my protein to creep down. Even if that’s not behind my slower loss, it’s not a very good combo for my body. I definitely feel better with lower carb intake–lower not low; I can’t function well on low-carb and don’t ever want to try doing that again.

I tend to slack on food tracking after a few days but I am going to make another dedicated run at it. Years of disordered eating and starvation diets mean that calorie-counting often feels more like a punishment than a helpful resource. But I’m trying to shift my perspective on that because I think it could prove an effective tool to get me to goal. If nothing else, it’ll help me focus during my (hypothetical) recovery from (possible) surgery. I eat more when I workout regularly, and so will have to decrease calories when (if) I’m unable to exercise when (if) I have knee surgery.


Teen Scene

Finally, finally, finally made it into the 210s! 219.8 lbs this morning–highest the scale could register in the teens but damn if it doesn’t feel good to see it.

Knee doesn’t feel normal but it’s so much better than it was this time last week. For now, we have a mutual agreement to leave each other alone–I don’t ask it to go through the full range of motion and it doesn’t make me scream and curse in pain.  Doctor’s supposed to call with MRI results tomorrow. In the meantime, I popped in my imaging CD and spent some time watching “how to read your knee MRI” videos on YouTube. Can’t say that helped much at all. Really only succeeded in teaching me that patience is a virtue.