June 2015 summary: -1.4 lbs

June 1st: 223.8 lbs
June 30th: 222.4 lbs
Monthly change: -1.4 lbs
Average weekly loss: 0.35 lb

-82.6 lbs post-op (305, 10/21/14)
-107.6 lbs from highest (330)
57.4 lbs to half-assed goal (165)

1.4 lbs down. Hey, that’s not nothing right? And any loss means I’m not in a stall! Strength-training water retention got me in the end, up 2 lbs from last week. But also down an inch in my waist over the past two weeks, so I think I’ll live somehow!

I’m very happy being back to the weights and will spend another month getting my game face on for 90 days of this. The water weight is just what I’ll have to deal with while my body adjusts. In the meantime, I’m happy to be able to concentrate on what awesome things my body can do. There was once a time–many times, in fact, where that wasn’t an option.

Looking forward to seeing July’s progress!


June 29, 2015 weigh-in: 222.4 lbs (-107.6 lbs)

WWI 6-29-15

Weekly change: +2.0 lbs
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305 lbs) : -82.6 lbs
From highest (330 lbs): -107.6 lbs
To half-assed goal (165 lbs): 57.4 lbs

Up 2 lbs this week, which was expected because I stepped up the weights. Not happy to see the scale bump up, but I know it’s all worth it! Plus the fact that I’ve dropped a full inch in my waist since the 14th is a great consolation prize!

July rotation starts tomorrow and I’ve got my eyes set on those size 8 jeans at month’s end.


Gainful truth

Well, it took a little longer than expected for the strength training-related weight to show up, but I think it has. So the scale will almost certainly log a gain tomorrow. And know what? I’m good with that. Plus, I already feel stronger! May be all in my head, but it’s motivating nevertheless.

I’ll be concentrating on clothing and strength goals over the next few months, to prevent the inevitable scale fluctuations (and stall, can’t forget the stall that’s still lurking out there) from dragging me down. That’s not to say I won’t be frustrated by any lack of positive reinforcement from the scale–it’ll still suck–but I choose to try to focus more on the amount of weight I can lift and the number of reps and sets I can complete, coupled with being able to fit into smaller clothes. I definitely want to add another pair of jeans to the ladder by mid-August!


From here to maternity…


Success is in my jeans!

My progress in jeans! Yes, those are maternity jeans at the top. No, I don’t have kids. Damn.

I was forced to turn to the maternity section when I’d sized out of the most easily accessible “long” options. Levi’s tall offerings were already too short to begin with (33-34″), and they only go up to 16. JCPenney and Target talls go up to 18. I couldn’t fit any of them last summer. So maternity, it was. They were too short, sure, but I had to work with what I had to work with.

As soon as I could “fit” into the Target 18L (36″ inseam), I bought a pair. I put fit in sarcasmquotes, however, because at that point I still had to use the ol’ elastic hair tie in the buttonhole extender trick in order to keep them closed. Damn.

My how things have changed!

The 10s, the ones at the bottom of the jean ladder, are my everyday pair as of today. I also have a pair of that brand’s skinnies in 10L, to trade off with. I’m only staying in a pants size for about 1.5 months, so that’ll cover it. Should be in the 8s by September.


Perfect 10s


New everyday jeans! Wearing the size 10s today and they look great. A little tight in the waist, but that’s the norm when I transition into a size, as my hips and thighs always get there first. By the time they’re super comfortable in the waist, they’ll be a bit baggy in the hip and thigh area. #appleshapeproblems

The silver lining is that my body is weird–I always fit into smaller sizes than I “should” given my measurements. For example, my waist is currently around 38″ and no way should I be able to wear size 10 in these jeans, let alone the size 12s that I just ditched, that were entering pajama territory they were so comfy. Not even the 14s or 16s that would look like Hammer Pants on me right now. And they’re the same jeans–I own them in every size from 6-18. Being really tall with no hips or ass to speak of has its advantages, I guess. So it’s quite possible that I will land in a size 4 after all, despite my mind’s inability to wrap itself around the idea.


I need to remember that tag numbers are arbritrary, and change over time. Last time I weighed ~220 lbs, I was a couple of sizes higher than a 10. And I can remember borrowing a friend’s size 8 skirt in high school, when all of us were unambiguously thin (though of course we couldn’t be convinced of that then!). I thrift a lot and old clothes are tiny. No way I could fit into a pair of early 90s size 10 anything now, but I do have several size 14 items from that era in my current wardrobe.

I know my waist was 27 inches when I was measured for my majorette uniform back in the day (yes, I remember that number, because I was sad/embarrassed that it was the largest among my friends…never mind I was already 5’10” and everyone else wasn’t…sheesh). As suspected, current denim sizing considers that a 4:




Who knows where I’ll end up, but I do think I need to start acclimating myself to the possibility that I may be in a size that is “too small for me” in my head. I just need to get to a healthy, happy weight, find clothes that fit well at that goal, and let the number on the tag say what it’s gonna say!

Speaking of healthy and happy, here’s a pic I took yesterday. Finally feel that my face and neck look slim–I tend to carry a lot of weight there, so that’s a definite mark of progress! Plus I just  think I look alive. And that’s after a long workday at the end of a rough work week that included a Stew-sick day off Tuesday. Losing weight and getting fit is boosting my resilience. That’s the stuff right there–smaller jeans are just gravy.


Here's to improved well-being!


June 22, 2015 weigh-in: 220.4 lbs (-109.6 lbs)

Weekly change: -1.6 lbs
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305 lbs) : -84.6 lbs
From highest (330 lbs): -109.6 lbs
To half-assed goal (165 lbs): 55.4 lbs

Nice weekly loss! Yesterday was 8-months post-op (time flies!) and I’m a little closer to my goal of -100 lbs from surgery. I really want to reach my ultimate goal of 165 lbs by my 1-year check-up on October 23rd, but given how much things have already slowed down on the scale, it’s highly unlikely to happen. But a girl can dream! And there’s no law against acting as though…which is what I like to do when faced with a big life goal. From my experience, that always seems to get me nearer to it than I’d otherwise have gotten. Fake it til ya make it, yo.


Walkin’ on sunshine (June: Sunny Face)

Sunny Face comparison--June 2013 to June 2015

Welcome summer! It’s also my 8th month post-op progress check; and I’m down 84.6 lbs post-op and 109.6 lbs total. But I’m no longer as concerned with the scale, having shifted my main focus to building strength and becoming more fit. I think that’s the smart move, given that the scale has slowed down and may well come to a screeching halt soon.

Wow at this comparison pic, huh? I had lost down to 269 lbs back then, but was still yo-yoing and had gained back up to 310+ by last summer. In a fit of hopefulness, I bought those shorts in every size from XXL to M. The large ones had begun to get baggy in the butt, so I’m in the medium pair in today’s pic! They’re pretty snug right now but it’ll be cool to see them get looser as time and the scale progress.

Monthly progress side--updated JuneMonthly progress back--updated June

Next progress pic will be late, as I’m traveling that day.