November 24, 2014 weigh-in: 278.2 lbs (-51.8)

Weight: 278.2 lbs
Change: -6.2 lbs
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305): 26.8 lbs
From 330 (total lost): 51.8 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 113.2 lbs

Yesterday was my birthday and Sleevie gave me a great present: a 6+ lb loss! And that little bundle also pushed me past a major milestone–50 lbs gone! Nice!

I am SO lazy about taking update pics. Partly cause I’m tired but mostly because I never think about doing it until I’m already fully dressed. Boo! I will take them tonight, by gawd. I don’t want to regret not having progress photos!


1-month post-op weigh-in: 280.6 (-24.4 lbs post-op, -49.4 lbs total)

Can’t believe it’s been a month! And I’m down nearly 24.4 lbs from surgery, which is fantastic! Recovery is going so well; my doctor is very pleased. I still have bouts of fatigue but to be fair, that’s my norm. It’s hard to separate post-op tiredness from OG Stew tiredness but I feel normal enough that at times, I have to remind myself that I just had major surgery.

I can see changes in my body already,  especially in my stomach area. It’s depoofing nicely and my clothes fit so much better. I need jeans, because I spend all day hiking them up now. I don’t like belts, so smaller jeans it is. It’s so much fun to finally see real, sustained progress!


November 17, 2014 weigh-in: 284.4 lbs (-45.6)

Weight: 284.4 lbs
Change: -3.2 lbs
Post-op (10/21/14, 305): -20.6 lbs
From 330: -45.6 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 119.4 lbs

Two causes for celebration this week! I passed the -45 lbs milestone and I also met my goal of -20 lbs by one month post-op. Friday is the actual month mark, so I’ll probably manage a couple of lbs more by then. Right now, The Tide is kicking ass and taking names; I’m hoping its departure will give the scale a little extra nudge too.

Recovery is going very well,  though I’m pretty tired at the moment. Post-op fatigue on top of Tide fatigue on top of my standard issue Stew fatigue…I could easily be convinced to stay in bed today!

I bought several used workout DVDs this weekend, almost all hip-hop dance.  Buy 2 get 1 free. I love a bargain! Too cold and icy to walk outside but I definitely need to keep it movin’. Concentrating on cardio now but I can’t wait to be cleared to lift. Gotta preserve as much muscle as I can.


November 10, 2014 weigh-in: 287.6 lbs (-42.4)

Weight: 287.6 lbs
Change from last week: -4.6 lbs
Post-op loss (10/21, 305 lbs): 17.4
From 330 lbs: 42.4 lbs
To half-assed goal (165 lbs): 122.6 lbs

4.6 more pounds in the bucket! Puts me down 17.4 since surgery–three weeks ago tomorrow… time flies. I’m healing quite well. So well that if I didn’t know that I’d had 80% of my stomach yanked out through a dime-sized hole less than a month ago, I wouldn’t believe it!

My right leg and foot are STILL swollen, which would seem impossible the way I’m dropping weight. Wonder how long it’ll take to finally dump all the excess water? This never-ending PMS isn’t helping, I know that much. The Tide is now nearly 2 weeks late, which is frustrating but not at all uncommon after major surgery. Sucks to have to put up with all the usual suspect symptoms with no definite end in sight, though. Bah!

Second follow-up appointment Wednesday.


November 3, 2014 weigh-in: 292.2 (-37.8)

Weight: 292.2 lbs
Weekly change: -7.2 lbs
Total lost (from 330): 37.8 lbs
Post-op loss (from 305, 10/21): 12.8 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 127.2 lbs

Big loss! Still dropping water, plenty to go. My right leg (the one most affected) still has the nerve to have pitting edema. Will be interesting to see at what point that goes away.

I’ve been so lazy about taking pix and updating charts, it’s ridiculous.  I absolutely need to do that today because it’s already bugging me that I won’t have a 25 lb progress photo. Or a day of surgery one, either.

Feels great to have the scale go in the right direction for a change.


October 2014 summary: -18.6 lbs

October 1st: 311.4
October 31st: 292.8
Post-op loss (10/21): 12.2

Off to a great start!  I began the month on a semi-liquid diet to drop the 10 pre-op lbs I had to lose by my October 21st surgery date. I needed to weigh 299. I got pretty close but then edema’s revenge kicked in and I bounced back up to 305.0 on the morning of surgery. Thankfully, they didn’t care.

I got a ton of IV fluids in the hospital. When I hopped on a hallway scale while walking laps on Wednesday,  I was up to 312.0! I didn’t weigh again I’m the hospital so I’m not sure if that was the max gain. But that’s history now! I’m dropping water like mad–IV fluid, edema, the whole shebang. I feel so much better! My feet look like feet again! I have ankles daily!

I transitioned into the puree stage of the post-op diet on the 31st and was surprised to find that my appetite is so muted now. All last week, I was SO excited about leaving the full liquid stage behind and having real food, even if pureed. I spent Thursday evening making batches of pre-portioned meals. I cooked a pot of polenta with tomatoes and cheese overnight in the Crock Pot and awoke to a heavenly smell the next morning. And then? I drank a protein shake for breakfast and lunch. :-/ I did grab some pintos n cheese from Taco Bell after work, had three enjoyable bites, then spent an hour walking off what felt like Thanksgiving dinner. It’s definitely an interesting turn of events!