Flight delay

No official weigh-in this week. Two flights in four days, and my body hates flying. Less swollen than I used to get when I was heavier, but I’m still Puffmaster L even two days after returning home. Happily though, I seem to finally be dropping water as of this morning; so, everything will be back on track soon. Betting I’ll hit the 30s this weekend!

Don’t think it’s travel related but my stomach has been acting up for the past few days, to the point that I had to leave work at 3pm yesterday to come home to lie down. Nausea, bloating, and pain. Let’s hope today is better than Monday and Tuesday were! I have an all-day work thing (7am-7pm) and ain’t nobody got time for that.


Queen Smize


-88.2 lbs

My best friend and I take a photos each time I visit, to track our progress. She’s down over 100 lbs herself–eating less, moving more, and being what her husband calls the “Carb Police”. (She looks flippin’ fantastic, btw, but would dropkick me if I didn’t crop her out.)

We posted a few shots online and it felt so good to read all of the supportive comments. I don’t share many weight-loss updates outside of the blog, mostly because I figure they’ll see everything when I eventually go public in ohhhh about 12 lbs. Cool knowing, though, that my progress is already that obvious to others.

The best compliments were that I look “regal” and “happy”. I guess it would be a bit weird for me to say that I agree that I seem queenly, but I’ll fully own the genuine happiness that’s shining in my eyes. I am really proud of how far I’ve come and optimistic about the future, and I’m glad that shows!


Is this the end?

Weighed in at 242.0 this morning. Down 88lbs!

Headed out to visit Mac tonight! (Wait, wasn’t that an old McDonald’s ad campaign? With a weird piano-playing moon-headed guy? Or did I hallucinate that as a kid?) I will be there at month’s end, when I need to do my final weigh-in for February. But Mac’s scale has been in a snit lately and I’m scared it’ll dropkick me too on Saturday. Especially after flying.

Isn’t it funny how loyal dieters are to their home scale? I love “Bonnie Weight” because she’s dependable and predictable. Like, I can pretty accurately guess how much I’ll weigh at the doctor’s after weighing at home first. I don’t want to use a different scale!! (Tsk tsk. I’m a very open-minded, inclusive type of broad but lookit me openly discriminating against Measurement-Americans! I need diversity training.)

Hmmmm today may have to be the unofficial official end of the month for me! I may give Mac’s scale a chance…but honestly I probably won’t.


February 24, 2015 weigh-in: 243.0 lbs (-87.0)

Weight: 243.0 lbs
Weekly change: -2.8 lbs
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305): -62.0 lbs
From highest (330): -87.0 lbs
To half-assed goal: 78.0 lbs

Went ahead and weighed this morning because I didn’t want to keep putting it off. Same as Saturday (4-month mark) which is disappointing in a way because I’m still pretty swollen and see this as proof that I would’ve had a larger loss had I not been. But on the other hand, I’m actually less swollen than yesterday so lord only knows what sort of smack in the mouth that weigh-in would’ve been. But on the other other hand, maybe I should just take this nearly three pound loss as the win it is and keep it movin’. But on the other other other hand, maybe it’s fine to feel both disappointed and OK with things at the same time?

Whichever hand I choose, my hopes of hitting the 30s by Friday are gone. I’m flying Thursday evening and always, always swell so it’s not looking good at all. But maybe I can drop this current bloat in exchange for travel bloat and at least avoid a gain? Blergh. #swolegirlproblems


No freakin’ weigh

Today’s regularly scheduled weigh-in has been delayed due to extreme puffiness.

I take one of my Stew-related medicines in the early evening and occasionally it just does this…wrecks shop and makes me swell significantly during the night. Knew I was toast when I awakened to loosen my Fitbit on my wrist twice.

I fairly despise this drug’s side effects but it also has been a bit of a godsend too. And, to think, I just paid $145 (after insurance) to refill my little pharmaceutical frenemy. Love ya. Hate ya. Need ya. Wish you’d die in a fire.

I’ve learned that it’s best to just look the other way and let it do its damn thing. The swelling should decrease by the end of the day, with water and walking. Until then, scale-wise:



4-month post-op weigh-in: 243 lbs (-62 lbs post-op; -87 lbs total)

Surgery: 305.0 lbs (10/21/14)
1 month: 280.6 lbs (-24.4 lbs post-op)
2 months: 266.2 lbs (-38.8 lbs post-op)
3 months: 254.0 lbs (-51.0 lbs post-op)
4 months: 243.0 lbs (-62.0 lbs post-op)

10/21-11/21: -24.4 lbs
11/21-12/21: -14.4 lbs
12/21-1/21: -12.2 lbs
1/21-2/21: -11.0 lbs

Average monthly post-op loss: 15.5 lbs