People have been saying that I’m a lot smaller in my shoulders and I guess I have weird proof of that now: my purse straps are too long! It hit me this past weekend, at about the 500th time I yanked them back onto my shoulder as I walked around Target.  I’ve been using this purse for about two and a half years–a buttery soft leather Hobo shopper that I love. Leather stretches over time, of course, but those straps sure as heck were staying put just fine pre-op!

So I need to buy a new everyday purse. Well, as soon as I make up my mind about which is more annoying–constantly hiking up my purse straps or trolling countless handbag sections to find a suitable replacement. I am a serious shoe fan but pretty meh about bags. I mean, I can appreciate a nice one and have admired many a purse that I’ve seen someone else carry; but I don’t collect them and much prefer to just find a couple of good all-purpose ones and call it a day. Doesn’t help that I’m super-picky about it, either…I’ve been looking for just the right medium brown one for ohhhh over a year now.

Weird how and where the weight comes off!



January 26, 2015 weigh-in: 252 lbs (-78 lbs)

Weight: 252.0 lbs
Weekly change: -4.0 lbs
Post-op (10/21/14, 305): -53.0 lbs
Total (from 330): -78.0 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 87 lbs

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WWI 1-26-15

I’m really pleased with this week’s loss! Hit my 10k (5 miles) step goal both weekend days, even though that meant taking laps around the living room Saturday night! I’m doing Fitbit step challenges, which is highly motivating. Definitely a friendly competition, though, with funny trash-talking and lots of support…so I win even when I lose.

Plus I got in 5 days of structured aerobic exercise and PiYo. PiYo is really difficult for me, in a good way. I like having something to work up to. Also it’s really squeezing out my abdominal bloat. Waist is down 3″ from the 19th. (Yep you read that right.) Ain’t nothin wrong with that.

I’m coming up fast on my next big milestone–80 lbs lost. And the halfway point (82.5) is right behind it!


3-month post-op weigh-in: 254 lbs (-51.0 post-op; -76.0 total)

10/21/14 (surgery): 305.0 lbs
11/21/14: 280.6 (-24.4 lbs post-op)
12/21/14: 266.2 (-38.8 lbs post-op)
1/21/15: 254.0 (-51.0 lbs post-op)

Monthly loss:
Month 1 (10/21-11/21): 24.4 lbs
Month 2 (11/21-12/21): 14.4 lbs
Month 3 (12/21-1/21): 12.2 lbs

3-month goal met! Made it with a pound to spare, even! (Probably dehydration from my pigeon-pose tears.)


Board Stiff

Do you really wanna hurt me?  Do you really wanna make me cry?

PiYo is not a game, people. Did my first official workout today. Technically I began the program yesterday, but the first day is just learning posture and other fundamentals. Today’s routine was Define: Lower Body or as I like to call it: Ugh my body doesn’t move that way, heffa. Ow. Damn, now I know why the caged bird sings.

My flexibility needs major improvement. And were there any doubt in my mind on the truth of that statement, the pigeon pose would have quickly disabused me of it. Soooo stiff. So. Stiff. My left side, especially, was simply not trying to hear it. I guess I now have a good baseline by which to measure progress: Did my left leg behave in any way resembling a human limb today?  Yes, no, or oh hells naw? *solemnly checks the “oh hells naw” box for 1/20/15*

Measurement-wise, I have chosen to track only my waist for this round because I’m an apple and gain a lot of weight there. It’s also where I hope to see the most significant changes over the next 60 days. Today’s measurement was 47″ at my navel. Which, wow. I can remember getting fitted for my uniform in high school and feeling annoyed that my waist was 27″ at 5’10”. Hindsight, huh? But it was in the mid-50s at my highest weight, so progress has been made. (I need to find my old measurement chart to get the exact number.)

Here’s to looser joints and a tighter core!



I have so many clothes. For serious, it’s kinda hilarious.

I’ve put it off long enough and am finally going through my stuff to separate out things that are too big. This is a bittersweet process, because I have to say goodbye to many items that I really like. The flipside, I can fit back into other things; but still, it’s a little emotional.

I’ve been trying to work key things into the rotation “once more for old time’s sake” but I’m losing so quickly that I can’t do it fast enough. This is less of a problem up top, since I’m broad-shouldered and busty and am not above belting and blousing a piece and walking around like say something. But I’m smaller on the bottom and that just doesn’t fly. Nobody wants potty-butt.

The silver lining, of course, is that someone will benefit from my donation of gently used clothing. Plus-sized options are already insultingly limited in retail stores–you have to put in effort to be stylish and modern as a big girl…most of the offerings out there are pure unadulterated yawn or, worse, a whole lotta WTF. (No, I don’t want a see-thru rayon cat-print sequined muumuu that cost $185.Thanks, though.) So it helps to envision a fellow clotheshorse stumbling upon something cute in the thrift store and then celebrating that it’s in her size. And that makes me happy!


January 19, 2015 weigh-in: 256.0 (-74.0 lbs)

Weight: 256.0 lbs
Weekly change: -3.0 lbs
Post-op (10/21/14, 305): -49.0 lbs
Total lost (from 330): -74.0 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 91.0 lbs

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WWI 1-19-15







Add three more lbs to the trash pile! A very good loss, and I’m quite happy with it.

Wednesday is 3 months post-op (wow, huh?) and I’d very much like to hit the -50 lbs point by then. It’s highly likely I’ll make it because it’s so close, but it is by no means guaranteed. My body is known for pulling fast ones and I’ve been just shy of other monthly goals before. Still, it’d be a nice milestone.

I am most excited about my progress towards the overall -100 mark. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize (see what I did there?). I initially estimated that it’ll happen around Tax Day (April 15), but I get the feeling it’ll be before then.