March 2015 summary: -5.4 lbs

February 28th: 241.8 lbs
March 31st: 236.4 lbs
Monthly change: -5.4 lbs
Average weekly loss: 1.35 lbs

-68.6 lbs post-op (305, 10/21/14)
-93.6 lbs from highest (330)
71.4 lbs to half-assed goal (165)

Poor sad little March. In like a lion, out like a lamb indeed! Stew has been a battle this month and scale was collateral damage. Still, 1.35 lbs a week isn’t terrible and I still made it out of the month smaller than I came in, so that’s great!

Happily, I care less about monthly stats than I do post-op monthly stats. It’s the 21st of the month weigh-in that really tells the tale. My average monthly loss at the 5-month mark (3/21) was still at a solid 14.12 lbs. And there’s hope that my bloat may ease in time for my 6-month stats not to take too bad a hit. That’s what I’m telling myself, at least. Haha! Keep hope alive!

Also worth noting: I didn’t gain weight yesterday to today, which really hasn’t been the case in days. So maybe the swelling is levelling off? Wouldn’t that be nice? And what if it goes down soon? Paaartay!


March 30, 2015 weigh-in: 236.4 lbs (-93.6)

Weight: 236.4 lbs
Weekly change: n/a (no WI last week)
Post-op loss (10/21/14, 305): -68.6 lbs
From highest (330): -93.6 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 71.4 lbs

Welp, there it is.  First official post-op gain. Whomp whomp. Knew it was coming, but still stings a bit. 

I’m actually writing this in the waiting room of the gastroenterologist’s office, waiting to schedule my follow-up tests. Swollen more today than yesterday, probably swollen more tomorrow than today. Bacterial overgrowth, as suspected; starting antibiotics today. And I have to get another upper endoscopy with biopsy. Fun!

At this point, I can’t be sure whether I’m in a stall or if it’s the gastro drama. But in the final analysis, is there really a difference? Still have to ride it out until it resolves. No way through it but through it.

In much better news, my waist is 42″. Down 5″ from 1/19/15! And that’s with the bloat. Ain’t mad at that! At all. That’s down 9.5″ from February 2011. My waist was even bigger, much, before that but I don’t have my measurement chart from 2009 on my PC. But it’s definitely on paper with my exercise stuff in my storage unit, so I’ll know someday. Plan to empty it this summer. I do have progress photos between ’09 and ’11, with belly uncovered in all its glory. Eek! Those won’t be seeing the light of day until goal, though!


Better call stall

Scale went up a little from my 3/21 weigh-in (234.4) and has been toggling between 235.4 and 236.4 ever since. It especially seems fond of 235.8. And nothing I do seems to make a bit of difference. Exercise, more water, more protein, fewer carbs…nada. So to add insult to injury, I’m set to have my first post-op gain tomorrow. Boo.

I’m calling it–I’m in a stall.

I’m not happy about this, but at the same time I know it’s something that I’m going to have to get through. Can’t give up! I’m not so much disappointed in the stall itself. Because let’s face it, I’ve dodged that bullet for a lot longer than most. But what kills me is that it’s happening so $@&^/#! close to the -100 lbs milestone. It couldn’t give me just five more freaking pounds first?!

While I accept that this was bound to happen sooner or later, I do worry about how long it will last. Because I’ve read about people who’ve stalled for months and even the thought of that strikes fear into my heart. And of course, it’s also hard not to think that I’ll never lose another pound, that my losing days are over. I look and feel significantly better, true, but this is not where I want to stay. Still a lot left to lose!

I just need Sleevie to help me under 200 lbs and I feel like I could power through the rest of it on my own if necessary. I’ve lost and kept off ~30 lbs before, but never 70. I still need so much help. Sleeve, don’t fail me now!

I am going to have to stick to my Plan B, to help me through this. Told myself that when I got to my first stall, I’d get back into strength-training. If the scale isn’t going to cooperate anyway, may as well embrace the guaranteed water retention that accompanies a new weight routine. Right? And I can still lose inches, even if pounds are on strike. Right? (I’ll do a waist measurement update with tomorrow’s weigh-in; may be a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.)


Tough to stomach

No weigh-in this week. Something’s wrong with my stomach. Stew wrong. Feels unfortunately familiar, pretty sure that it’s another round of bacterial overgrowth. Hoping the pain I’m feeling isn’t pancreatitis, though. I’m not doing another MRI, by gawd. Last time a concern showed up in my bloodwork but not on the scan, so my turn in that torture chamber was for nothing!

Belly’s bigger everyday and my frustration is growing right along with it. It feels as if I haven’t lost a single pound. Ever, not just this week. I feel as fat as I ever was. And even my Om’s reminder that feelings aren’t fact isn’t the comfort it usually is.

Putting in a call to my gastroenterologist today. We’ll see what we can see.


I’m up all night… (Named Milestone: Get Lucky)

Lucky 2015

234.4 lbs (-95.6)


2015 Back and Side Comparison-updated March*singing* I’m up all night to get lucky! *does the robot*

Actually, I’m up all night because my sleep patterns are downright awful, but I still feel pretty darn lucky right about now! My weight loss is going well, and I can see and feel the difference in ways both large and small. For some reason, last Monday seemed to be the day that everyone began to notice. People were stopping me left and right to exclaim over how “thin” I look. It’s a weird thing to hear, given that I’m still nearly 250 lbs, but it’s all relative. At any rate, I know that I’d better enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t be too long before the compliments turn to concern that I’m losing too much. I’m betting that’ll begin around the 200-lb mark. By the time I get to the 170s, people will probably be staging interventions!

As of this morning, I’m down a total of 95.6 lbs and 70.6 lbs post-op. Today’s 5 months post-op and I really wanted to be at least to the -70.0 lb mark, so that’s a win! I also buttoned two pairs of size 12 jeans this morning. They fit great in the legs and butt, but there’s still too much moosh-moosh above the waistband for me to feel completely comfortable trading in my 14s just yet. And the 14s really need to be traded in. Being in-between sizes sucks verily. But the good thing is that my transitions happen so quickly, that I know I’ll be complaining about the 12s being too loose soon enough!

So close to the -100 milestone that I can barely stand it! Less than 5 lbs to go! I’ve racked up  a couple of smaller milestones lately–passed the -95 lb mark and 55% to goal, too. Next up is 60% at 99 lbs.



5-month post-op weigh-in: 234.4 lbs (-70.6 lbs post-op; -95.6 lbs total)

Surgery: 305.0 lbs (10/21/2014)

1 month: 280.6 lbs (-24.4 lbs post-op)
2 months: 266.2 lbs (-38.8 lbs post-op)
3 months: 254.0 lbs (-51.0 lbs post-op)
4 months: 243.0 lbs (-62.0 lbs post-op)
5 months: 234.4 lbs (-70.6 lbs post-op)

10/21-11/21: -24.4 lbs
11/21-12/21: -14.4 lbs
12/21-1/21: -12.2 lbs
1/21-2/21: -11.0 lbs
2/21-3/21: -8.6 lbs

Average monthly post-op loss: 14.12 lbs

Made my 5-month post-op goal of -70 lbs! (After I remembered to pee before weighing. Sheesh, brain fog is not a game. Who does that??)

Didn’t break double digits this month. But rather than disappointed, I’m grateful. This has been a tough Stew month and all that joint inflammation impacts the scale. Things got so bad that I had to stay home from work two days this week to rest. I only exercised 4x this months, too. I’ve just felt like roadkill.

I remind myself that this is the kind of flare activity that would’ve prevented me from losing any weight in the past. So the fact I have been feeling so badly and still managed to post a loss of 2+ lbs/week is a pretty big deal.

Luckily, I’ve started to feel a little better. Not good, mind you, but certainly better than I did at the start of this week.

Speaking of luck, March progress pic today! I was 247.0 lbs in February’s photo, so we’ll see what difference another 12.6 lbs made.


March 16, 2015 weigh-in: 238 lbs (-92 lbs)

WWI 3-16-15

Lbs to -100 lbs milestone: 8.0

Weight: 238 lbs
Weekly change: -3.0 lbs
Post-op (10/21/14, 305): -67.0 lbs
From highest (330): -92.0 lbs
To half-assed goal (165): 73.0 lbs

3lbs closer to my next major goal!  Woot woot! Great loss this week,  dropped some water and got back into workout mode. I’m actually now letting myself really hope I’ll hit 235/-70 post-op by Saturday’s 5-month mark. Going to wear my socks every day, at least part of the day, which will make that more likely.

March progress pix this week! Also I need to take some PiYo before shots. Want to do some in my sports bra so that I can see any progress in my waist. But I won’t be posting those til the end of the 60 days. Because reasons.

Chugging along!