October 13, 2014 weigh-in: 301.2 (-28.8)

Weekly change: -0.6
Total lbs lost: 28.8
Lbs to half-assed goal (165): 136.2

For some reason, I bobbed up two lbs from yesterday. Luckily my diuretic kicked in enough to register 301.4 by my pre-op appointment @9am, enough of a loss for them to clear me. So I can’t complain too much.

The gain does kinda suck, as I was under 300 yesterday. But the official weigh-in is what counts, so I’ll have to wait until next week to cross that milestone. Ah well, at least the scale is moving in the right direction.


Cleared for takeoff

Had both my pre-op and pre-surgical appointments today and it’s a go!!

I’m not nervous. I make no promises about Monday night out Tuesday morning, but for now the major feeling is restlessness. I’m just ready to get this show on the road!

In a happy turn, they aren’t requiring me to do full liquids for the next week. I just have to maintain the loss I’ve managed thus far. I’m still going to continue my current strategy and shoot for 295, mostly because every little bit helps but also because I like having something to work towards.

I’m so tired! At some point, I need to update charts and take progress pics but I’m really beat right now. As for pictures I may draft someone to fill in as photographer the morning of surgery, and just catch up that way. 



Highly unlikely (as in no way in hell) that I’m going to get to 295 before Monday, but I’m shooting for 298.8. I weighed 308.8 on my home scale the morning of my surgical consult, when they said they wanted me to lose 10 lbs for surgery. If I am 10 lbs down on my scale the morning of my pre-op appointment (Monday), I’m counting it as a win.

That’s 1.8 lbs away and I’m confident I can drop that much water in the time I have left. I had jerky twice yesterday; so a low sodium day should pay off on the scale tomorrow and Monday.

They did say that I needed to lose the 10 lbs “for surgery”, so presumably I have until the 21st to weigh 299 on their scale. (My diuretic kicked in between weighing at home and weighing on their scale, so I ended up coming in at 309 there, only 0.2 lb higher fully clothed.) And I still have the pre-op liquid diet next week, so I’m good. I just wanted to hit the loss requested by pre-op so that any liquid diet drop would be gravy.



8.8 lbs from pre-op appointment goal

Up 2.0. Was rushing yesterday and got dressed before weighing, so no record. Had bacon for lunch–we went to a restaurant and the pork belly appetizer seemed to be my safest best. It was a grease and salt fest, though, so I didn’t finish it. Clearly finished enough to freak my body out! Salt is my archnemesis.

Ordered a fridge for my office that I’ll be stocking with protein shakes today, which should make things considerably easier. The insulated bag I’ve been using is a joke. There are few things worse than a lukewarm protein shake, in my estimation. Be nice to have them cold and ready!


October 6, 2014 weigh-in: 301.8 (-28.2)

Made it to the first “chunk”, the -25 lb milestone! Within spitting distance of Twoterville too!

-25 lb pics and updated progress charts coming soon.

I look at my old milestone pics and can’t help but feel a small pang of disappointment and regret that I was once about a pound shy of the -70 mark. But I am careful not to allow myself to go to a place where reaching the -25 point is reduced to a “yeahhh, and?”. I remind myself that this is proof that I never threw in the towel. That I’ve lived up to my promise that though I may fall, I will never quit. That’s really all one can ask of themselves right?

But then I think of this big adventure I’m about to embark upon. Soon I’ll be posting progress updates that put those old -70 pics in the rearview. And that’s very exciting!

I’m making a conscious decision to celebrate how far I’ve come today!



9.6 lbs from pre-op appointment goal

Down 7 lbs since Wednesday! I carry around so much excess water, it’s not even funny. I’m happy with my progress. Among other things, I can breathe better and it’s easier to bend my knees and ankles.

I have managed to kick carbonated drinks. I’d developed a bit of a Sonic Happy Hour Diet Coke monkey over the winter, and spring, and, uh, summer and I needed to rein it in even if not for the upcoming surgery. But caffeine is proving the more difficult challenger. I don’t drink coffee, I like tea. Green tea. Caffeinated green tea. I’ve toyed with the idea of biting the bullet and giving up caffeine well before surgery but let’s face it, that’s not gonna happen. I will not go gently into that uncaffeinated night, I will delay until the very last possible minute…and I’m OK with that. Transitioning to liquids early is causing enough crabbiness, thanks.